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We have been cultivating Angelica Archangelica on our farm for fifteen years. Our farm is based in the Marais Poitevin, The Green Venice area, between Niort and La Rochelle.

The fields in our area are wetlands which is ideal for growing this plant. This region also gets a lot of sunshine and Angelica likes both rain and sun. We cultivate it mainly for candied fruit. Stalks are candied in sugar for bakery and cake confectionery.

Angelica is harvested only manually in July or August. We can also harvest dry leaves for herborist shops.

In the autumn, Angelica roots are harvested for herborist shops. They can also be distilled to obtain essential oil.

Our products are used for healthcare and perfume.

In spring of the second year, we harvest Angelica seeds. This harvest is obtained manually and it should be on offer to herborist shops and perfumeries. Seeds are golden, dried and cleaned.

In order to reduce health risks, our Angelica is cultivated with very few chemicals and we use mainly mecanical and manual hoes.

We can on offer Angelica stems, Angelica seeds, Angelica roots and different packaging according to your needs.

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